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Victorian Hotel, Linlithgow

A large Victorian hotel being refurbished where all the bedrooms had cracked and damaged ceilings.  The client was facing big repair costs, however, with the benefits of using our plasterboard edge extrusion, the damaged ceilings were simply over-sheeted in plasterboard, retaining the perimeter cornice which was duly lit with our LED.

Not only does it provide a sharp edge line it also visually enhances the existing cornice.  Welcomed enthusiastically by the client for cost savings and a great result.  The main contractors, joiners and electricians were all impressed with the ALD profile for its simplicity and ease of installation.

Review from Jim Hay

Without ALD’s intervention we would have struggled with the costs involved in rectifying the damage to our hotel ceilings.  The simple and exacting details created by ALD’s edge trim allowed our construction team to complete a very large refurbishment contract in a short space of time and at an affordable price.  Using these profiles did not detract from the traditional feel of the hotel and, in all the rooms, the lighting on the feature cornices gives the space a very upmarket feel.  We are delighted with the end result.

Jim Hay
Court Residence, Linlithgow

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