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Edge Lighting Made Easy

Unique mouldings on our slim, easy-fit aluminium extrusions house both LED lights and cables.

Gone is the bulky timber carcass for hidden recess. Simply glue and screw extrusions to the edge of 12 mm plasterboard. Save on space, time and money.

The ALD mould – perfect for a smooth plaster finish – makes edge lighting an option for all builds and budgets. Use this extrusion to install a wide range of LED product, edge any room in a halo of light.

ALD – your first fix for a cost-effective, discrete finish.

Flat Extrusion

  • Flush skirtings with or without lighting
  • Halo lit framed panels
  • Edge lighting ceilings or walls

Corner Extrusion

  • Edge lighting to beams
  • Edge lighting to roof lights and cupolas
  • Wall recesses and right angle corners

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